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House of Water

Welcome to the wonderful world of alchemy and Energy Healing! When we combine all ethereal Healing Energies including Ethereal Herbs Crystals Flowers Mushroom Medicine Quantum Reiki prescription medication or Even Multidimensional Healing Energy into Structured Water the synergy of these natural resources make a very potent and powerful Water Medicine.

This is my passion to bend and understand how Energy works, to come up with new forms of natural healing that can help humanity whilst being Gentle on nature and Mother Earth.

Qualifying as a Master Healer and channelling my own healing modalities is something I love but stretching the boundaries of energy Healing is my real passion .

I am in my last incarnation born perfected human full consciousness or god consciousness my Numerology is the philosophers stone and astrology tetragammaton corner stone capstone EL also known as earths next Avatar or Buddha i am my highest self Red Dragon which is the crystalline Energy Matrix giving me the ability to channel any energy by intention, which can be seen in our Elixirs ,my first incarnation was isis the egyptian goddess as seen in my dna name secret names of isis / Lou Lou Lou= Louise Melia comes from the titans Io Melia first daughter or oceanoid of Oceanus that is another story!

water medicine is my gift to humanity in this my last incarnation this system will take over from Western medicine in new earth/Atlantis.

.My psychic gifts are knowing what herbal and plant Medicine to use as i have worked with them in past lives.

I am very lucky and grateful to have the ability to channel any energy by intention and it is my soul leading me to each step I need to take on my journey to bring new energies and systems of healing to Earth.

1 Drop of Water in the Elixir will hold the Full Memory and Energy of the Healing eg 1hours Quantum Reiki session is held in each drop but unlike Energy Medicine Energy in Water has 0 side effects.

We are 80% water and cannot survive without it, the healing session that I would normally facilitate are now bottled taken daily.

Reiki in a bottle who would of thought.

Elixirs can be infused for any and all problems and also amazing for children and animals for any enquiries please fill in our contact form with your contact details and I will help you in any way I can..

Many thanks and Blessings isis

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