Welcome to the House of Water and our mission to help humanity raise its vibration ,to heal on all levels by creating powerful high frequency vibrational elixirs that help with clearing the body of stored emotional blockages and trauma that manifest into mental health issues illness and disease. they are amazing for ascension and overall spiritual mental and emotional well-being, No matter what somebody is struggling with – whether it’s anger, fear, grief, despair, judgement, guilt or any other uncomfortable emotion, pattern or belief, there will be an elixir that helps them to feel better in the moment and opens their heart to experience more love, peace and harmony. Vibrational elixirs give us a way to clear old patterns, bringing the body into alignment helping us make conscious new choices, and transmit vibrations of love, peace and oneness into the collective.

This is what true healing looks, and feels like. Because true healing ignites quality of life. If this resonates with you. We invite you to visit our store. Relieving emotions and pain shouldn’t compromise your wellness.  That is why we have created effective high frequency natural elixirs that are healthy and gentle at working in synergy with your body’s innate self healing wisdom. 

any prescribed medication can be channelled in to water medicine and work’s exactly the same but with 0 side effects.

As a sentient being, water senses and remembers information. Because of its moving crystals, it  perceives all vibrations around it especially light sound music prayer emotions and positive thoughts. Simply by recording this information, the water itself changes and takes on new properties and characteristics. It is a carrier of information and is consciousness itself, having the ability to mirror all that it comes into contact with. It’s been proven to work more effectively and powerfully with a persons consciousness than that of a computer generated frequencies . The higher the consciousness of the soul working with the water the more magical it becomes! each drop of water in the ocean holds the full memory of the planet within it.

By encoding into our distilled Water with with the frequency’s of Reiki Light Code’s ,and the energy signatures of Ethereal Herbs Crystals Flowers Mushrooms Constellations etc we turn our dead water into structured water medicine !

we can channel personalized elixirs by using bach oracle cards or herb and crystal oracle cards this can help us see what is hidden and energies to use, these are particularly useful for our childrens Elixirs when we as parents can help our children when our children need that little bit extra help.

Elixirs can be channelled for children.

all elixirs are hand channelled and ethereal in nature

our elixirs do not take the place of medical treatments or medication prescribed by your gp. always consult your doctor or medical practitioner.we do not claim to cure any illness or disease.

None of our elixirs cause any sort of side effects if a energy is not needed it simply won’t work

reiki ina bottle

all of our reiki sessions also come in the form of a Elixir each drop of elixir holds the full 60m healing session within, working on a cellular level with 0 side effects that may be witnessed with a normal reiki session

Please allow 2-5 days for your elixirs to work children’s elixirs will be less than this.

Would you like to be able to channel all of the Elixirs here at the House of Water? To be attuned to the House of Water Star Gate to create and channel your very own Elixirs? to have the ability to channel all Western prescriptions into water medicine? to be at the fore front of the shift in medicine for New Earth?

Then why not sign up for our ACCREDITED WATER MEDICINE DIPLOMA ™️


Structured water is a battery that needs charging. Energized structured water recharges the liquid battery of the body. When the body has sufficient energy, its aqueous interior is electromagnetic, allowing for optimized cellular and metabolic function in addition to greater hydration and detoxification.   In nature, water may be charged by the influences of of rock formations in or by the light frequencies of sunlight, moonlight and starlight, or by the ambient sounds of nature like birdsongs and rustling wind in the leaves. Water imprints all of these subtle stimuli into it’s structural matrix.. Remember, water whose molecules are in formation stores information .  water that is in a formation carries information. Structuring gives the water formation, then energizing gives it information.

we structure or elixirs by encoding our distilled water (Dead Water) with compassion gratitude and the highest level of consciousness available on the planet ,it then becomes alive and carries the information of our frequencies directly to our cells and DNA.



Along with our accredited water medicine diploma you will find below our newest addition internationally accredited courses, the mortal runes .this is a multidimensional energy system that uses the pure angelic runes of heaven for healing, you will use a pendulum to determine which dimensions you are working from this is a very powerful system channelled directly from Archangel Michael and Raziel also includes runes Light codes that work instantly.

Both course can be found below the course content can be downloaded and worked through at your own pace and accredited by international association of therapist.



Please allow 48 hours for your Elixir to be channelled it will then be sent tracked next day delivery. Once you receive your Elixir it will be packaged like the photograph above but with the name of your Elixir and directions for usage. To see what energies and frequency your Elixir holds simply scan the QR code and you will be taken to the product page. Remember our Elixirs have 0 side effects and holds ETHEREAL ENERGIES within medical grade Distilled Water . (Diamond Water is Distilled water infused with Quantum Code’s).The energy shift within the body is gentle but powerful .

Please try to keep your elixirs away from electronic devices as much as possible.

always consult your doctor or medical practitioner. Never stop taking any medication your doctor has prescribed our elixirs do not cause any adverse reactions or side effects.

We don’t claim in any way shape or form our elixirs cure illness or disease they simply bring you back into alignment clearing past emotions and trauma giving illness and disease no were to manifest.

Everything is energy vibrating at a different rate. Energy is information and Water is a receiver and carrier of information around your body.

We recommend 3-4 bottles for a significant and permanent change.

Our water medicine can be stocked in local holistic centres as seen as above with over 400+ elixir s to choose from these can be changed according to the seasons ex winter antibiotics cold and flu elixir or spring time our antihistamine elixirs .why not stock reiki ina Bottle , children’s elixirs the options are endless please fill in contact form for more details elixirs will be discounted!

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Kate Sanderson
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Kathleen ODonnell
Wonderful products. Have purchased both sprays and roller oils. Will definitely be buying more products ❤
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