This Elixir contains DIAMOND WATER encoded with the energies and Frequencies of EMOTIONAL ENERGY PROSTATE REIKI

There are 3 main problems associated with Prostrate. The first one is Inflammation which is called Prostatitis. The second one is Enlarged Prostrate which is called Benign Prostatic Hyperplastis. And the third one is Prostrate Cancer. All of these can be treated by a physician, but not all can be cured, though symptoms can be alleviated.

The Emotional Energy Prostate Healing Reiki system helps with these diseases by connecting to source energy to bring in healing energies that sooth, calm, and help with not only symptoms, but also help speed recovery.

As the energies of this system works, you may find that the swelling goes down and discomfort eases, as well and function for urination and sexual nature begin to improve. If you think about the Emotional energy that may be at the root of this physical problem developing, it may have to do with feelings of inadequacy or emasculation at some time in your life which could have lodged within your subconscious mind to create these issues. It is energy that sticks within your body because of some earlier emotional
trauma in general. Yes, the disease is real, but if you feel good about who you are and you feel happy, those negative issues do not linger around and lead to diseases. In general, depending on what the illness or disease is, you can think about what that particular illness is associated with to see if you can unlock that dark energy within that has caused a belief within your mind that led to Prostrate Problems. This also applies to other illnesses.



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