This Elixir contains DIAMOND WATER encoded with the energies and Frequencies of ARTHRITIS-RHUMA FLUSH

Many people, especially more and more young people, suffer from these diseases. Arthritis, which is a degenerative joint disease, is differentiated from arthritis. is the inflammation of one or more joints.

It is accompanied by pain, redness, swelling, overheating and restricted mobility. Sometimes arthritis can also result in joint effusion (Fluid build-up in the joint).

The joint inflammation can be acute or chronic. A distinction is made between monoarthritis (one joint affected), oligoarthritis (few joints affected) and polyarthritis (many joints affected). What is rheumatism? Under “rheumatism” – medically correct it says “diseases of the rheumatic form circle “- doctors summarize over 100 different diseases that are caused by inflammation.

The term itself comes from the Greek and means a tearing, tearing pain. Rheumatic diseases are usually painful. And: They affect people in all age groups – even younger adults and even children suffer from rheumatism.

These energies wash through the physical and psychological body and regenerate it. It’s about healing on all levels.

Use these energies to energetically heal anything that hurts.

Your energy fields are cleansed and healed.



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