This Elixir contains Diamond Water encoded with the energy and frequencies of DNA LIGHT CODES REALIGNMENT REIKI

Scientists say that we only use a small percentage of our DNA {around 2-3%} and regulate the rest to “junk”. What they do not know is that the 97-98% is a repository for dormant LightCodes {buried “asleep” in the soil of life} are waiting to burst into your consciousness. The “bursting” is the process of activation that will be given through this attunement. The LightCode seeds start to sprout, your awareness expands and you will grow into the Garden of the Divine. For many if not most, self-healing is the first step to activating the spiritual body, awakening the seeds of your mind and energising the spiritual DNA and LightCode energies. Healing is the process of clearing out – transmuting – the energetic imprints of trauma and negative programming that have been incurred from this and previous lifetimes as well as programs that are inherited from our ancestors and are {at times} encoded into the energy field by negative forces {consciously or unconsciously}. It creates a quantum space in cellular biology for the crystalline light of your higher self to integrate into your quantum fabric. This is the activation of your LightCodes.


Progressively they come to life. They sprout new awareness of who you really are beyond your carbon blueprint, upgrading your cellular biology into what is called your Divine Genome. It is indeed a dramatic shift in your consciousness, one that forever alters your perception of the self, others and life. Because this is a journey and with ongoing activations, there will be many levels of the divine genome that will increasingly flower its vast arrays of geometry, frequency, colour, fragrance and sound. And as this garden expands, you will utilise greater amounts of your genetic potential and soul gifts. At a cellular level, you will remember the ancient wisdom of the stars and the knowledge and tools of the universe. You will become greater beings of cosmic energy to hold more love and light in your hearts for as you align with the divine nature of your soul which is who you really are. You will remember your inheritance as being one with ALL THAT IS and ALL THAT WILL BE.


Benefits of the DNA LightCode Activations


* Clear negative energies and family karma that consciously or unconsciously holds you back.


* Increases self-empowerment so you can get out there to do what you are here to do.


* Increases self-confidence.


* Increase your intuition & psychic abilities.


* Giving you more energy and clarity so you have the freedom to express yourself.


* Helps to reduce anxiety.


* Strengthens your immune system.


* Brings forth and helps you to hold more divine light within the etheric body.


* Create a greater sense of happiness and contentment.



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