This Elixir contains DIAMOND WATER encoded with the energies and Frequencies of  PROSPERITY CONSCIOUSNESS REIKI

Prosperity Consciousness Empowerment will help you live a life of abundannce. It will activate our Divinely given ability to manifest abundance, prosperity,health and happiness in all areas of our life. We will be empowered to become successful in our thinking so that we can achieve success in our reality.

Whatever subconscious beliefs are holding us back from what we consciously desire will be removed so that our thoughts are in alignment with our desired outcome. Resistance from our subconscious mind will be removed so that we are working in alignment with our goals and intentions. The energy will supercharge our subconscious mind so that we work in ways that we cannot fathom to create prosperity, which positions us in the flow of abundance that is available to us always.

False beliefs,emotional issues and old programming concerning money will be removed, cellular memory will be re-programmed and our ability to attract wealth will be fully restored and amplified. As a result of working with this energy we will unlock our inner abundance resources so that we are manifesting success in all areas of our life and enjoying an abundant life.

The root chakra, also referred to as one’s Prosperity Chakra, will be cleansed, cleared and balanced so that is operating at its highest level so we are able to have our survival instincts intact, handle money matters with ease and feel safe, secure, trusting, supported and financially abundant.



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