This Elixir contains DIAMOND WATER encoded with the energies and Frequencies of ALPHA MALE ELIXIR REIKI

The alpha male has a powerful aura ,is charismatic and has leadership skills.

These energies are wonderful of to Increase your personal alpha vibrations, are a source of energetic healing and give you high powers.

Work with these energies for emanate an air of leadership, enjoy the respect of others as you skillfully do your work and are a leader in your social or spiritual community.

Regain your masculine stamina and confidence, increase the health and virility, overcome stress by re-igniting your sexual appetite and ability, also great for reverse any sexual dysfunction that was due to stress or nervousness.

They may assist you in cause a suitable mate to notice be sexually attracted to you, for to emanate masculine sensual energy, to gain sexual energy in such a way that is attractive to the person you want with to for lovemaking, know the pleasures of virility, attract a woman and keep her happy, enjoy the feeling of your spouse being proud of you!




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