This Elixir contains DIAMOND WATER encoded with the energies and Frequencies of Kundalini Quartz and your own set of activations for your Kundilin Awakening.

Sound activation and  it is also a  Multidimensional activation with color also visualisation and sacred Geometry

This visualisation is having sacred Geometry off the tesseract in 5D Cross in each hand inside off the tesseract is blue Matter Red Antimatter.
Masculine and feminine energies.
The tesseract are then closed and both hands colliding together to make pure source Energy held in a golden orb

In this orb is also placed the lightening bolt of Zeus .

This orb is placed in to DIAMOND WATER
This will be absorb directly into cells organs blood stream to activate your kundilin gently whilst helping to clear away energetic blockages.


Usage 4X4 daily directly to tounge

This will have absolutely no side effects whatsoever

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