This Elixir contains DIAMOND WATER encoded with the energies and Frequencies of CROP CIRCLE STONES

Crop Circle Stones are natural flint found inside Crop Circles in England.  They radiate very powerful currents, which echo the vibrational patterns of Crop Circles themselves, and they can act as evolutionary talismans, accelerating the path of one’s spiritual awakening and opening a path for inner communication with the Circle Makers, themselves.  Though the reason for crop circles remain mysterious, it is believed that the Crop Circle Stones help awaken the blueprint of human destiny in relationship with the divine.

Crop Circle Stones are also called the “awakening” stone, as they stimulates the heart, third eye, and crown chakras. It stimulates the brain and activates our latent talents of seeing and knowing. It pulls our gifts from dark into the light. This stone accelerates your journey on your spiritual path.



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