This Elixir contains DIAMOND WATER INFUSED WITH the Energy of Holy Fire Reiki or Reiki in a bottle.

With contemporary evolution of Reiki, bringing a new dimension to the beautiful energy of Reiki. The word ‘holy’ is not used in a religious context but in the sense of the origin of the word –  ‘whole’, which takes us to the heart of healing, a process of becoming whole.

This powerful yet gentle energy allows tense muscles to relax, with very positive results for those suffering from bad backs, necks and shoulders. Relaxation of mind, body and spirit reduces stress with many potential benefits including reduction of high blood pressure. Reiki’s ability to reduce stress and depression and to promote well-being provides benefits to those suffering serious illnesses and many hospital now provide Reiki to cancer patients in recognition of these benefits.

This Elixir has 0 side effects of a normal Reiki Session



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