This Elixir contains Diamond Water encoded with the energy and frequencies of SEA SHELL REIKI.

SeaShells that spring from the depths of the ocean and can penetrate the depths of our soul, bringing forth the spiral dance of the oceans in the ever-expanding universe. SeaShells are amazing tools that can exponentially empower, enhance and deepen our healing and personal empowerment practices. SeaShells can also be used to attune those of you who are new to energy healing and working with SeaShells. In doing so, you will awaken your true divine self to the empowering energies that lay dormant within you.

Seashell Healing Reiki can help with the following and much more:

SeaShells can help to shift physical, behavioural, emotional, mental and spiritual energies.

SeaShells can help to activate new ways of being within the core of our being.

Seashells act as enhancement tools to expand awareness and our abilities to achieve certain goals in life.

We can choose a SeaShell to help us be more courageous.

We can choose a SeaShell to help us forgive ourselves and others.

We can choose a SeaShell to build confidence.

When we want to experience more energy within our lives, there is a shell that can help with this.

SeaShells can help to balance the spiritual trinity of mind, body and spirit.

For more complex situations you can choose a combination of different shells, all of which will work on specific situations, bringing an overall re-alignment of mind, body and soul.



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