This Elixir contains DIAMOND WATER encoded with the energies and Frequencies of BLUE RAY LEMURIAN HEALING REIKI

Blue Ray Lemurian Healing connect you to the Blue Ray of Creation and your divine plan. The purpose of Blue Ray Lemurian Healing is for deep clearing, cleaning, purification, clearing the heart and all emotional issues, injuries, its remove blocks in all your energy fields, remove all negativity or pain, and it will work on each chakra and all levels, 7 layers and more.

After the clearing process the Blue Ray Lemurian of Creation will penetrate all the layers that cover your soul and will infuse you in magnified amounts of energy healing, love, and Blue Light, you will be infused with the divine blue light of creation to remember your divine purpose and create the divine life and love for you and to assist others and Gaya.

The Blue Ray Lemurian Healing connect you back to your will power, it assist in healing soul memories, past life, restore your divine blue print. Soul Light will be infused into you to align you with your high potential and assist you in ascension and manifesting your deepest desires.



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