This Elixir contains a Indian Reiki Session  channeld into Diamond Water.

Indian Reiki actually is the first Reiki (Ancient Reiki) that found by one Spiritual Master known as Kuthumi, long ago before Usui Tradition Reiki introduce by Sensei Mikao Usui, Master Kuthumi already found Reiki Energy called Indian Reiki. A matter of fact

Master Kuthumi is the one who given enlighten about Reiki to Sensei Mikao Usui. So if we studied thoroughly Usui Tradition Reiki actually modification forms from Indian Reiki. By that time Indian Reiki just taught for limited people, that’s why now just a few people who know about it. Until a Energy Grand Master named Gatot Handoko got a knowledge about Indian Reiki when he connecting to Kuthumi.

Helps with:
• Medical & Non Medical Healing
• Emotion Cleansing
• Lungs Cleansing
• Passive Protection



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