This Elixir contains DIAMOND WATER encoded with the energies and Frequencies of HOLY SAFFRON REIKI

The Holy Saffron has many benefits for your Spiritual Growth as well as for your personal health benefits. According to Hindu Mythology, Saffron is the colour of Sunset and Fire which symbolises Sacrificial Light and the quest for Salvation. The Colour is worn by Hindu Saints as a devotion to the Religion. Many people will also apply Saffron to their forehead as Tilak. The second primary Chakra that is the Sacral Chakra is linked to this Saffron colour. This is the most significant Chakra when it comes to one’s health as it is associated with one’s Colon, Bladder, Kidney, Reproductive System and Urinary Bladder. Other benefits of the Holy Saffron include:

Saffron is a powerful Antioxidant, It may help improve your mood, memory and learning ability as well as protect your brain cells against oxidative stress.

Saffron can help with Weight Loss. The energies of the Holy Saffron will uplift your moon. You will also have fewer cravings for sugary items or snacking or might feel fuller. This will eventually help in weight loss.

Saffron can help with lowering bad cholesterol, therefore preventing Angina and Heart Attacks

Saffron can help with lowering blood sugar levels.

Saffron can help with the improvement of memory.

Saffron may help those who are battling Cancer by reducing the size of Tumors and the growth of Cancerous Cells

Saffron can help those who suffer from Insomnia by increasing the total time of non-REM sleep by as much as 50% and could help improve symptoms of depression in adults dealing with major depressive disorders.



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