Intuition 999 Initiation was received by the founder through Jesus Christ 2008. It is  a wonderful opening / activation and initiation in this system which she has called intuition.  This system helps you with your opening /activation and initiation and practical meditation instructions and exercises.

Intuition is ultimately behind all creativity. After the onset of your intellect will
still only aware of or reviewed the “results” that come from the unconscious.

Some aspects of intuition
• Making a good decision based on “gut feelings”
• Rapid insight into relationships and their knowledge without conscious rational derivation or conclusions.
• The ability, characteristics and feelings of a man unconscious in a split second to capture or deliberately complex, based on the instinctual differentiate between friend and foe in historical times. Today, a trainable shape perception, the problems in the differentiation from projections, prejudice and raising awareness, formulation.
• The unconscious reasons for a particular decision .
• Indirectly, common sense . Intuition is closely related to the “inner” logic of circumstances and with prior experience .
• Flash of inspiration . A special form of inspiration or intuition is the brain wave, which unexpectedly, a new thought arises.

This Elixir is infused with DIAMOND WATER

Crystal Grid


Quantum Light Code’s

Working on a cellular level from the inside out

Absolutely no side effects whatsoever

4X4 DAILY directly to tounge.

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