Goddess Laxmi is the Goddess of Abundance, Prosperity, Wealth, Love, Wisdom, Joy, Peace, Luck, Beauty, Health ad Harmony.

Unblocks and empowers the chest, heals problems of the chest. Unblocks and empowers the heart and lungs, heals problems of the heart and of the lungs. Unblocks and empowers the respiratory and circulatory system, heals problems related to them. Empowers prosperity, abundance, independence, wealth, deeper satisfaction, totality, wholeness. Bestows intuition, clarity. Gives and enhances passion and sexual energy. Cleanses, empowers, heals and awakens the first chakra (base, root, perineum – red) and the second chakra (sexual, sacral, above genitals – orange.) Awakens the Divine Essence and Higher Powers within us. Empowers harmony and beauty – true radiance on all levels. Supports us in every project. Daily support. Daily empowerment. Offers power, strength, love, wisdom, joy, abundance, prosperity, wealth, happiness, playfulness, innocence, purity, fun, laughter, creativity.

Quantum code’s with herbs and flowers


Usage 4X4 daily directly to tounge

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