This Elixir Contains DIAMOND WATER encoded with the energy and frequencies of WEIGHT MANAGEMENT REIKI


Fat Flush Shakti is a Divine Intelligence who integrates and communicates with each of your fat cells. She oversee’s the energy function of Fat Flush. She aids the flushing of harmful stored memories, emotions and toxins from our bodies which have been stored with the accumulated fat – and is not in your highest good. She knows your ideal body weight and the benefits of reach this are self worth, increased energy and stamina. Your life will be enriched and lengthened as diseases such as diabetes & heart issues will be less likely when you are at your ideal body weight.

Fat Flush flushes fat out of the hand and foot chakras in the form of vibrational energy that is recycled to Gaia and the cosmos into positive energy.

If you choose food as comfort to stuff down feelings, Fat Shakti and Fat Flush change these stored instances to be flushed and changed into positive sustaining energy for Gaia and the Universe.

Finally, Fat Flush Flow activates down from the chest and flushes out foot chakras.


Also in this Elixir is

Fat Decomposer Reiki

Hormone Reiki


To aid you in your wellbeing journey. Please understand that you still have to eat sensible and Exercise.


Taken 4×4 daily directly to tounge

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