Pregnancy Care provides spiritual support and integration for your baby as he or she grows within you. Pregnancy Care™ is also a guide for what to expect as your baby’s spiritual skills develop while still in your womb.

Pregnancy Care energy system contains 10 functions that provide spiritual support for your baby and your body during this wonderful time of growth.

Anyone may be attuned to Pregnancy Care, you don’t need to be pregnant or even a woman to receive your Pregnancy Care attunement and provide CARE for a pregnant woman.

Many of the souls who are incarnating onto this Earth at this time are very spiritually advanced. There is less of a gap between where they were before and here, especially while they are still in the womb. This means that many avatar-like and definitely Light Worker type skills will be operational even while your child is still in your womb.

This also includes Crystals herbs Flowers


Usage 4X4 daily directly to tounge

Absolutely no side effects whatsoever

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