This Elixir contains DIAMOND WATER encoded with the energies and Frequencies of MAGIC  OF BLOOD REIKI

The flow Magic of Blood Reiki comes from the magic of heaven and earth, under the guidance of ancestors and angels, highest masters and the creator god control the flow process. Magic of Blood Reiki will bring deep and powerful work for the genus, DNA, RNA, for transformation and healing. You will be able to invoke the powers of heaven and earth, the magic of heaven and earth, Lady Gaia for healing blood diseases, for healing gene diseases, you could rewriting your codes in the divine image, up to the creator’s norm. Magic of Blood Reiki carries the power of purification by divine flame, ideal for practicing with candles, fire. Carry out cleaning by fire, install protection. Protection is granted by divine, earthly, magical, angelic, supreme masters. The energies will bring release from the diseases of hypertension, balance the flow of energy and blood through the channels of the body – vessels, arteries, chakras, meridians, all parts of your multidimensional being. You will be able to ask for the healing of diabetes mellitus of any stage, oncological diseases, diseases of internal and external organs. The flow is suitable for working with the heart and earth chakra. – grounding, healing of heart diseases, the discovery of passion, the discovery of energy for life and bright work. Blood washes and permeates your whole being, gives life and movement. The flow cleanses your energy blood, helps to remove toxins, allergens, stagnant energy. Rashes, itching may occur, your system, blood and lymph will move, the body’s functions will work and this can bring inconvenience. The skin is the largest organ and accumulated harmful substances can begin to come out through it. The excretory system can actively turn on, this is normal. Within a week or two, this may occur, with an exacerbation – treatment is symptomatic and under the supervision of a doctor. The Magic of Blood Reiki carries the balance of your aspects and all energy structures. In working with the genus, you do not need to know your lineage, it is enough for you to ask for healing, solving issues of the genus, karma of the genus, purification and blessing of your bloodline. flush off – vows, contracts, covenants, debts of the family, mistakes and negativity of previous generations, remove genetic diseases, generic curses and magical effects of any nature and depth. You can get – the blessing of God and higher powers, positive and healing energies, protection of the family, prosperity and abundance for yourself and future generations. Constant work with the family will help restore balance and heal family relationships with living relatives. Blood permeates your entire body and has a reflection on the subtle plane, changes in the subtle world with the help of the flow of Magic of Blood Reiki will bring transformations in the gross world. The flows of earthly energies and magic are involved, which makes it possible to rapidly manifest changes in the rough world. Magic of Blood Reiki does not work for negative rituals, negative intentions to cause visible and invisible harm turn into harm to the willing. The work of the flow is limitless and strictly controlled by divine and earthly forces, you can work freely and safely in the energies. You will not be able to cause harm or damage to yourself, your family, or the universe. Everything that is permissible and desired by you will be fulfilled in a safe way. The power and strength of the flow gives unlimited opportunities and opens up responsibility. This flow is suitable for experienced masters and practitioners. We do not give symbols, there is no need to manipulate this level. Magic of Blood Reiki is a new level and space of possibilities.



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