This Elixir contains DIAMOND WATER encoded with the energies and Frequencies of SPIRIT RELEASE REIKI

Many people feel that they are a victim of a spiritual/psychic attack. This attack can either be a result of another person intentionally casting a spell or any other form of magical working against them or it can be a result of an astral attack where the individual is subjected to negative spiritual energy that has either been picked up from their surroundings or it has come directly from the lower vibrations of the astral realms.

On occasions an astral attack can also be the result of dark magic workings where practitioners have the ability to enter the lower realms where they ask for lower entities or demons to do their bidding. These attacks will ultimately cause a magnitude of symptoms and/or situations to occur within one’s life that are not of a positive nature and need to be cleared straight away before they result in actual mental and/or physical harm.

The Spirit Release Healing Method will help you recognise the symptoms of a real psychic attack, entity possession or spirit attachment so that you can gain the knowledge and spiritual tools to combat these entities to bring relief and sometimes life
changing benefits to the individual being treated.

* Psychic Attack & Spiritual Attachment.
* Earthbound Spirits, Ghosts & Lost Souls.
* Thought Forms.
* Negative Energy.
* Psychic Attack.
* Curses, Cords, Vows and Spiritual Contracts.
* Past Life Attachments & Ancestral Patterns.
* Satanic Influence, Black Magic, Demonic Forces & Collective Unconsciousness.
* Programs, Mind Control & Spiritual Implants.
* Spiritual Grounding.



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